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A plethora of virtual currencies and protocols can be found in the ever-changing crypto space. Immutable X  is one such ecosystem that has successfully established its position as the market leader. Immutable X was developed as a layer 2 scalability solution for Eth and NFTs. It is recognized for being one of the earliest scaling alternatives for non-fungible tokens, that are largely based on Ethereum.

Immutable X, as a cryptocurrency, strives to address the majority of Ethereum’s shortcomings that hinder the usage of NFTs. It works on combating limited throughput, low liquidity, complicated user interface, and slow consumer experience. 

Are you keen on investing in IMX? Look no further, as we bring to you the most reasonable Immutable X price prediction for 2022 and years to come!


CryptocurrencyImmutable XTokenIMXUSD Price$0.8586Market Cap$193,653,126Trading Volume$10,411,266Circulating Supply235,284,011 IMXAll-time high$9.50 (Nov 26th, 2021)All-time low

*The statistics are from press time. 

Immutable X (IMX) Price Prediction

YearPotential LowAverage PricePotential High2022$1.044$1.244$1.5132023$1.371$1.884$2.6882024$2.274$3.332$4.6842025$3.843$5.351$7.586

Immutable X Price Prediction For 2022

IMX was trading for $4.90 on January 1st. The coin experienced a major bearish trend, with its market crashing to $2.58 on January 31st. It rebounded slightly to hit $3.39 on February 4th before having another protracted negative streak. After a short-lived revival, its price tumbled to $1.41 on February 28th.

On April 1st, the coin sold for $2.35 before plummeting to $1.81 on April 15th. By the 26th of May, the IMX price had recovered significantly, reaching $1.15 on the 31st. Immutable X was valued at $1.11 on June 1st, but again on June 9th, it lowered to $0.956. The IMX price bore the weight of the larger industry’s turmoil in the 2nd quarter. Consequently, at the time of press, the coin was changing hands at around $0.8489.

Immutable X Coin Price Prediction For Q3

Immutable X strives to offer NFT consumers and creators fast trading, vast scalability opportunities, and zero gas prices for minting and selling. The system makes it easier for users to leverage the power of NFTs along with the leading metaverse of games. That being said, a thriving user base might bring the IMX price to trade at about $1.149.

Conversely, factors such as regulatory restrictions and fierce competition may limit the value to a minimum of $0.802. However, the regular price may be $0.956.

IMX Price Forecast For Q4

If the team engages in community-building initiatives and achieves significant outcomes from its work related to scalable NFTs. Along with additional support from optimistic market sentiments and volume, the altcoin might reach a high of $1.513.

Failing to adhere to its commitments, can invite criticism. In such a case, the price could fall to $1.044. The lack of fulfilling efforts could lead to the price finding support at $1.244.

IMX Price Prediction For 2023

Immutable X delivers simple API tools for users with zero blockchain experience to mint and program their NFTs. This allows them to concentrate on giving the finest gameplay experience possible. All of this without having to understand Solidity or complex blockchain algorithms to integrate dApps with games. This could help the coin to catch the momentum and rise to the maximum price of $2.688.

On the flip side, negative criticism and FUD may cause the cryptocurrency to fall to $1.371. Successively, a balance in trade forces could eventually settle the value at $1.884.

Immutable X Price Prediction For 2024

The Immutable X project’s greatest value is its ability to allow massive scaling via rollups. Rather than employing more typical techniques, the team chose ZK-Rollups/Validium scaling. On an optimistic note, with growing scalability the coin may chug up to hit the maximum price of $4.684.

However, the shrinking stance in the industry may pave the way for a drop below $2.274. Taking the bullish and bearish targets into account, the average price might settle at $3.332.

Immutable X (IMX) Price Projection For 2025

NFT markets can be developed on Immutable X without the need for a backend thanks to its distributed global order book, which facilitates network liquidity. As a result, third-party market alternatives can live side by side with the core marketplace of the system. That being said, the growing deployment of NFTs can land its maximum price at $7.586.

Contrarily, if bears dominate the market, the token might plunge to $3.843. Collectively, restrained by a linear momentum, with the lack of spurring initiatives, IMX’s price might find support at $5.351

What Does The Market Say?

Crypto Prediction:

The token’s price could increase as high as $1.245, according to Crypto Prediction’s IMX coin price prediction for 2022. On the other side, the average price may reach $0.996 under normal buying and selling pressures. By the end of 2023, the predicted value of the digital asset might reach a high of $1.758. Consequently, by the end of 2025, it expects the token to increase to a high of $2.906.

Digital Coin Price: 

According to Digital Coin Price, the altcoin’s greatest anticipated price by the end of 2022 will be $1.21. The company’s analysts have set the lowest and average closing targets for the year at $1.05 and $1.13, respectively. The site’s analysts predict that the alternative currency will end 2025 at its potential high of $3.71.

For this year, the experts from the company have set a maximum closing target of $1.56. They believe that, while a shift in momentum is expected to drive the cost as low as $1.40. It might cost $1.46 on average. The prediction also contains long-term forecasts. The 2025 trade is therefore expected to close at $5.17.

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What Is Immutable X?

Immutable X claims that its blockchain overcomes Ethereum’s drawbacks, including its low scalability, poor user experience, lack of liquidity, and delayed development experience. Additionally, users have to pay zero gas costs for minting and trading NFTs. Also, its network supports instant trading, and vast scalability without compromising asset or user security.

The IMX coin is the network’s native cryptocurrency. Moreover, IMX is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency aimed at rewarding network operations including trading, liquidity maintenance, and application development on Immutable X. The coin is also employed to cover system charges, staking, and governance functions.

Fundamental Analysis

James Ferguson and his brother Robbie Ferguson established Immutable X in 2018. Immutable X has the advantage of becoming one of the earliest layer-two systems to deploy zk-rollups and focus entirely on NFTs. With zk-rollups becoming more popular as a scalability option, the project is at the forefront of growth in the Ethereum protocol. Immutable X has a decent possibility of being the preferred “NFT blockchain” shortly. 

The API abstraction layer is a major element in delivering scalable solutions to its users. Every NFT-related transaction, such as minting, selling, and exchanging, is now a simple API request on Immutable X, owing to its REST APIs. This, according to the firm, will be a critical feature in drawing new members such as major gaming and entertainment businesses in the industry.

The network vows to be compliant with the law everywhere it works, and it supports a liquidity pool through a worldwide order book of NFTs. Additionally, it integrates all Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallets.

Quick highlights on the fundamentals of IMX

It gains from being among the first layer-two solutions and uses zk-rollups.

Pays special attention to NFTs. 

Enables protocol liquidity through its shared global order book, allowing NFT marketplaces to be constructed without a backend.

The protocol expects to minimize entry barriers for smaller developers and content creators.

CoinPedia’s Immutable X Token (IMX) Prediction

As per the IMX crypto price prediction formulated by our experts the coin portrays strong fundamentals. The coin’s price can therefore rise to a maximum of $1.5 by the end of 2022 if the NFT market booms. On the flip side, the coin might scratch the bottom at about $1 if it fails to build its user base.

Historical Price Analysis


IMX was trading at around $5.20 per token as of May 5th. 

On November 10th, the cost was reduced to $3.75.

It immediately jumped once more, reaching $6.06 on November 13th and $8.64 on November 21st.

On November 26th, IMX token prices recorded an ATH of $9.52.

At the end of the year, the coin’s price plummeted and terminated the year at around $5.14.

Wrapping Up

Immutable X was developed as a solution to combat the speed problem of Ethereum. However, it is still a somewhat new coin which makes it more susceptible to volatility. Owing to its infancy in the industry makes it is vital to underline its pros and cons. So, with no further delay, let’s get started.


Immutable X (IMX) offers a second-layer NFT solution for the Defi market. 

The popular NFTs Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians were created by Immutable.

The network has already accomplished some substantial milestones.


The coin is still new in the market, so it needs to be aware of its rivals like Buterin’s blockchain and NXT.

If NFTs lose the heat in the future, the coin might also suffer a tough time in the industry.

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How high can the price of IMX go by the year 2025?

The coin might trade at its highest price of $7.586 in 2025 by that time.

What will the minimum and maximum price of IMX be by the end of 2023?

By the end of 2023, the currency can reach record highs with the maximum and minimum trading prices of $2.688 and $1.371.

What will be the worth of IMX by the end of 2022?

By the end of 2022, it is expected that the coin will trade for an average price of $1.24.

How many Immutable X are there?

Out of a total supply of two billion IMX, 235.28 million were in use as of September 5th, 2022.

Will Immutable X go up?

IMX has strong fundamentals and it can rise in the future if it brings in newer updates and partnerships.

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